MillenniumCon 20

Lone Star Historical Miniatures

MillenniumCon is presented by Lone Star Historical Miniatures society. LSHM promotes the miniature wargaming hobby throughout the great state of Texas. The annual Millennium Game Convention in Round Rock, TX is our signature event.

Our club was included in Wargames Illustrated Magazine issue 354 as the featured club for that issue.

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Most of the convention staff are also members of the Lone Star Historical Miniatures society. Here are some frequently asked questions about the club

Q: What does LSHM do?
A: The Lone Star Historical Miniatures (LSHM) gaming group serves the entire state of Texas. We promote miniatures wargaming in both the historical and fantasy/sci-fi groups. We are not dedicated to one rule set, we encourage diversity. We promote miniatures wargaming by helping local conventions with GMs, tournaments, financial backing and run demo games at hobby stores. We also, run gaming classes at local summer enrichment schools. We encourage all gamers to be a part of our group to help support our common hobby.

Q: Where do you meet?
A: We don’t have a dedicated location. The local communities meet at specific locations in their respective cities. In San Antonio, we often meet at Dragon’s Lair Comics and Games at the corner of Fredericksburg Rd. and Medical Dr.

Q: What games do you play?
A: We play a wide variety of games. We specialize in Historical game periods from Ancients, Napoleonics, 19th Century, 20th Century, and Near Future. We also play Fantasy and Sci-Fi games as well. For a short list, click here

Q: What events do you have planned ?
A: We have several events coming up including our annual Millennium Convention in November. Check with our Facebook page shown below.

Q: Are you on social networks?
A: Yes, Like our Facebook page at Lone Star Historical Miniatures.

Join our Facebook discussion group at Lone Star Historical Miniatures - Official Group

On Twitter @LSHMGames

On Instagram @LSHMGames

Membership in LSHM

Do you love the Historical Miniatures hobby? Are you looking for other players? Want to learn more about miniatures gaming? Then join the club! LSHM membership costs only $5/year and you can sign up at any of our events. You can also pay for one year of membership when you register online for MillenniumCon.

If you would like more details, please send an email to

Convention Staff

MillenniumCon is organized by dedicated volunteers from the gaming community. Through their heroic efforts, we are able to make this Millennium convention a success.

Here are the current members of the MillenniumCon staff for this year.

The Heroic Staff

Giving back to the gaming community whether as a staff member, volunteer or as a GM, provides not only great personal satisfaction, but gives back to the hobby that we all love.

If you are interested in running a game at MillenniumCon, please go to the Game Master page and submit your game.